Powertek Shadow less Spring Arm Balanced Single/Double Dome ceiling Operation Theater Light

with LED Source. Dome is of 24” to 27” Dia having multi Reflector sfitted with LED’s Module. Dome

provide Intensity of 100000 to 160000 Lux. +/- 10% . Dome fitted with special heat Evacuation

system which control the heat temperature. Power Input 220 AC.

Dome is provided with detachable sterilizable handle for proper positioning of light. The Light will

be supplied with SMPS Power Supply.

Surgical light head and suspension are sealed against dust, with smooth, continuous surface. The

shape and surface of the surgical light heads and swivel arms are designed in a way to have

minimum effect of air flow Universally suspension allows the surgical light head to move in three


                                    TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION

Model : PTS – 2727 LED


  • Domes                                                                  Single/Double
  • Number of LED Filled                                           60-110 as Lux required
  • Focus                                                                    Fix
  • Dome Arm Rotation                                              360° degree
  • Intensity                                                                1,00,000 to 160000 Lux +/- 10%
  • Field size                                                               100 mm to 200mm
  • Colour Temperature                                              3600° to 4500° K
  • Intensity Controller                                                Available on supply unit
  • Action Radius                                                       100cm
  • Movement                                                             Axial, Angular & Radial
  • Up & Down Movement                                         76 cm to 96cm
  • Input voltage from Mains                                     160 to 260V AC frequency 50 Hz +/- 5%
  • UPS                                                                      SMPS based power supply. 

Special Features :

  • Spring arm balanced single/Double  arm dome type shadow less LED OT Light.
  • Light have ESG safety glass or simple and fast disinfection process.
  • LED modules with reflector optics.
  • Colour temperature from 3600K to 4500K which provide white, homogeneous illumination volume with large  illuminations depth with shadow less.
  • Intensity 100,000 to 160000 Lux. +/- 10%
  • Light head adjustment with sterilizable handle and outer raul of 360° degree,
  • The polycarbonate reflector  & Lens  provide shadow free  in operating area.
  • Light can rotate freely at all vertical joints with 360° degree rotation without any restrictions.
  • Average life of LED lamp is approx. 50,000 hrs.
  • Depth of field 100cm and CRI>95

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