Powertek light Weight portable Surgical Suction Machine, on housing moulded shock resistant ABS/Fibre with Handle or wheel for easy movement. Fitted with heavy duty AC-DC motorized pump for fast vacuum built up. It create vacuum from 0-760mm Hg +/-10. having 2 sterilizable 1x1 litre or 1.5x1.5 litres Poly carbonate jars . Operate on <50dB +/- 3dB which is almost a whisper & Provide with transparent silicon/PVC tube with patient end. The machine has ON/OFF switch with power indicator light. Safety jar with Mechanical overflow shut-off system which prevent liquid leakage and has autoclavable bacterial filter. It has inbuilt SMF rechargeable battery of 12V for back-up when mains supply fail.



Model : PTSM-02


  • Housing: Shock Resistant ABS moulded/Fiber cabinet
  • Pump Type: Oil free Piston Pump
  • Filter: Reusable bacterial filter
  • Tubing: 8-10 mm ID x 2 mtr (Silicon /PVC)
  • Jars: Poly carbonate Sterilizable 1x1 litres or 1.5x1.5 litres with Mechanical over flow shut-off system
  • Capacity: 710mmHg +/- 10
  • Vacuum Gauge: 0-760mm Hg
  • Air displacement :  15-60 Litres/Min.
  • Power : 220/230 volt AC, 50Hz, 1Phase
  • SMF Battery : (Optional)
  • Weight : 6.5 Kg (Aprox.) with Battery & 4.5 Kg (Aprox.) without Battery

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