Powertek make servo provide accurate voltage for your expensive equipment irrespective of the incoming line voltage. Powertek servo’s incorporate sold control devices. Stepper motor operates the auto transformer with buck and boost Transformer. Whenever output voltage changes the Electronic circuit produces an error signal which moves the auto Transformer drive motor and feeds the voltage to primary of buck boost, the secondary of buck-boost is in series with the load so that the secondary voltage gets added or subtracted to maintain the output voltage within 0.5% of the set voltage.

Specification   (Single Phase)

  • Input Voltage :-         205V to 260V AC, 140V to 270V AC, 90V to 270V AC  or  Customized
  • Output  Voltage :-     230V AC+/- 1%
  • Capacity :-                2KVA to 10KVA
  • Protections :-           (Optional)

Specification   (Three Phase)

  • Input Voltage :        300V to 460V AC, 240V to 460V AC, 160V to 450V AC  or  Customized
  • Output  Voltage :-   400V AC: +/- 1%
  • Capacity :                3KVA to 1500KVA
  • Protections :-          (Optional)


  • Microprocessor based Technology
  • Digital voltage Display
  • Less power consumption
  • Low maintenance

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Servo Voltage Stabilizers

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