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    Automatic / Emergency Rescue Device (ARD / ERD) is a device Installed for an Elevator which is only used Incase of a power failure or blackout in a building. An ARD / ERD is exremely useful for preventing passengers from becoming trapped Inside an Elevator during a power failure.

    Automatic / Emergency Rescue Device Back-up is a Static converter which is used to generate Double Phase output with pure sine wave to supply power for  Lift / Elevators during Grid failure and switch it OFF after receiving  rescue signal (DZ Signal). Powertek  provide 5 manually selectable timers 0 Sec, 6 Sec,12 Sec, 20 Ssec & 30 Sec  to switch off  ARD / ERD after receiving DZ Signal.but if rescue (DZ Signal) not received from control panel, ARD / ERD will shutdown automatically after  3 Mint. for saving DC power  of  SMF Batteries for next cycle when Mains Supply restored.  ARD / ERD Back-up consists primarily of a sinewave inverter  with SMPS type Battery charger  & change over module with SMF  Batteries. The charger is a controlled rectifier that provides a constant voltage and  constant current  to charge the Battery bank when the Mains Input  supply is available.


    * Advance Operation Mode

    * Compatible with Generator

    * Pure Sinewave Output

    * Easy Installation

    * Long Run Battery

    * Compact size also avilable in wallmounting Cabinet

    * Complete Installation support by Industry experts

    * Improved charge for Low AH Batteries.


    Product name Automatic / Emergency Rescue Device (ARD / ERD)
    Series ACE Series
    Model No. VX - 05
    Rating 05 HP
    Operating DC voltage 48V
    No. of Batteries 4
    No of Phase 3 Phase - 4 Wire R, Y, B, N
    Voltage Range 165V - 270V AC
    Main low Recovery Range 10V
    Main High Recovery Range 5V
    Frequency Range 50 Hz +/- 3%
    Battery Charging Stages 3
    Switching Power Device Mosfet
    Control PWM
    Output voltage 440V AC +/- 1%
    Phase 2 Phase - 2 wire R, Y
    Output Waveform Pure Sine Wave
    Frequency 50 Hz (Free running)
    Changeover Time UPS/ARD to Mains Three second
    Changeover Time Mains to UPS/ARD = 12s
    Rated Output Power Factor 0.8
    Switch ARD / ERD ON/OFF
    LED Indication Inverter ON, Batt. Low,/High, Overload, Mains Charging ON, Mains ON @ DZ.
    Alarm Battery Low, Overload, Charger ON, Inverter ON
    Protection Overload, Short Circuit, O/V, Mains Surge and Transient  Protection (MOV Varistors), Reverse Polarity of Batt., Over Tempeature Protection Under Voltage and Over Voltage Protection.
    Operating Temp 0 - 50°C
    Operating Humidity (RH Value) < 95
    Protection Class IP 20
    Low Cut Off 10V/Batt. +/- 2%
    Battery Low Buzzer 10.5V/ Batt. +/- 2%
    Low Cut off Recovery 12V/ Batt. +/- 2%
    High Cut Off 15.5/Batt. +/- 2%
    High Cut off Recovery 15.0/Batt. +/- 2%
    Charging Current by Grid 1 to 3 +/- 2% (Selectable)
    Output @ No. Load 440 +/- 2%
    Output Freqency 50Hz +/- 2%
    Output @ Full Batt. to Low Batt. 440 +/- 10%
    Output Low Cut 330V
    Output High Cut 520V
    Output Low Retry 1 Time
    Output Short Circuit 1 Time
    UPS/ARD Backup Time 3 Minutes
    No Load Batter Current 2%
    Overload 3.6A/KVA
    Switching Element Mosfet
    Control Type Microcontroller
    Type of Charger Booster
    Efficiency 95%
    Battery Charging Stages 3 Stage Battery Charging to Keep Batteries Ready for Rescue
    Power Factor 0.8