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    Isolation Transformers provide separation from the power line Ground connection to eliminate ground loops and unintentional test Equipment grounding. The main task of Isolation Transformers is to provide the Galvanic Isolation in the Electrical System

    .       The Isolation Transformer is one that contains two windings:- Primary winding and secondary winding that are separated from each other but wound on the same Iron core. The secondary that governs the output is in this manner separted from the Input In Isolation Transformer the Input and output are totally Insependent of each other except for the magnetic linkage between the two.

    Step Down Transformers :- A Transformer that decreases voltage from primary to secomdary (more primay winding turns than secondary winding turns) is called a step down transformer. Step Up Transformers:-  A Step Up Transformer is the one that increases the voltage from primary to secondary le more secondary winding turns than promary winding turns.

    Key Features of Isolation Transformer

    High Efficiency, high reliability and accuracy.

    compact, rugged in construction, free standing, floor mounting model and housed in sturdy metal casing with sufficient ventilations.

    Since the output is totally isolated from the input,any short circuits or faults on the primary side are not reflected on the secondary, thus avoiding damage to the sensitive electrical equipment.

    Suitable for use with modern sophisticated micro processor based equipment, CNC machines Isolates the equipment from noisy power line.

    Provide the complete electomagnetic & electro Static dhielding.

    It provides a perfectly balanced netural at 'zero' potentiol and netural can be used by grounding it

    The supply of the output is free from all surges/spikes and so called electical noise, which predominantly is present on the input side.

    High insulation valuse.


    Series ISTR - 1PH
    Model No. ISTR - 1 to 100 
    Rating 1KVA TO 100KVA (1 Phase)
    Type of Transformer Air Cooled / Oil Cooled
    Input Voltage 230V, 1PH (L-N)
    Output Voltage 230V, 1PH (L-N)
                                               CUSTOMIZED INPUT AND OUTPUT VOLTAGE AVAILABLE
    Connections Phase + Netural + Earth
    Regulation Better Than 3 - 4 %
    Input Frequency Range 50 / 60 Hz
    Insulation Strength Withstands 2500V for 1 Minute
    Insulation Resistance > 1000 Mega Ohms
    Common Mode Noise Attenuation > 100 dB


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