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    LIFT UPS - 15 HP

    A Three Phase Lift UPS is basically a type a UPS which provides Three Phase output along with a Neutral. It has Three main parts; an Intelligent Battery Charger, Batteries and a Three Phase Inverter. It runs the Three Phase Electrical motors and machinery in the case of any Power failure. It automatically acts upon any grid malfunction/failure by sensing it and gives the power from the battery back up system.

    POWERTEK  Three Phase Lift UPS is specially designed to run three Phase electrical motors by handling high inrush current of the motors. It proves to be a helping hand during Grid absence by generating 3 Phase 4 wires output supply from its back-up system and switch it off after receiving rescue completed signal(DZ signal). Powertek  Lift UPS  is embedded with  buck charging technology which provides constant charging voltage & current when Grid is available. It also senses the Grid failure & starts automatically by utilizing the energy stored in the battery back-up system. 3 Phase Lift UPS is capable of driving Lifts/Elevators & other 3 Phase machines. These three Phase Lift UPS's are designed to ensure uninterrupted power supply to various industrial houses. It also provides a healthy chance to win the hearts of various industries by its technological advancement & remarkable


    * Advance Operation Mode

    * Compatible with Generator

    * Pure Sinewave Output

    * Easy Installation

    * Long Run Battery

    * Complete Installation support by Industry experts

    * Improved charge for Low AH Batteries.

    Product name LIFT UPS
    Series Meridian 33 Series
    Model No. M - 15TT
    Rating 15 HP
    Operating DC voltage 180V
    No. of Batteries 15
    No of Phase 3 Phase - 4 Wire R, Y, B, N
    Voltage Range 170V - 270V AC
    Main low Recovery Range 10V
    Main High Recovery Range 5V
    Frequency Range 50 Hz +/- 3%
    Battery Charging Stages 3
    Switching Power Device IGBT MODULE
    Control PWM
    Output voltage 400V AC +/- 1%
    Phase 3 Phase - 4 wire R, Y, B, N
    Output Waveform Pure Sine Wave
    Frequency 50 Hz (Free running)
    Changeover Time UPS/ARD to Mains 3 Sec.
    Changeover Time Mains to UPS/ARD 12 Sec.
    Rated Output Power Factor 0.8
    Switch LIFT UPS ON/OFF
    LED Indication Mains ON, Charging ON, ARD ON, Low Battery, Over Load
    Alarm Battery Low, Overload, Charger ON
    Protection Overload, short Circuit Protection, over Voltage, Mains Surge and Transient  Protection (MOV Varistors), Reverse Polarity of Batt., Over Tempeature Protection Under Voltage and Over Voltage Protection.
    Operating Temp 0 - 50°C
    Operating Humidity (RH Value) < 95
    Protection Class IP 20
    Low Cut Off 10.5V/Batt. +/- 2%
    Battery Low Buzzer 10.75V/ Batt. +/- 2%
    Low Cut off Recovery 12V/ Batt. +/- 2%
    High Cut Off 15.5/Batt. +/- 2%
    High Cut off Recovery 15.0/Batt. +/- 2%
    Charging Current by Grid  As per Battery AH
    Output @ No. Load 400 +/- 2%
    Output Freqency 50Hz +/- 2%
    Output @ Full Batt. to Low Batt. 400 +/-
    Output Low Cut 330V
    Output High Cut 450V
    Output Low Retry 1 Time
    Output Short Circuit 1 Time
    UPS/ARD Backup Time 3 Minutes
    Overload As per Rating
    Switching Element IGBT
    Control Type Microcontroller
    Type of Charger PFC
    Efficiency 95%
    Battery Charging Stages 3 Stage Battery Charging to Keep Batteries Ready for Rescue
    Power Factor 0.8