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    The Voltage Stabilizers protects any machine and Electronic Equipment from Voltage fluctuations. They maintain constant voltage Irrespective of change in the Incoming Voltage and the External conditions. A Servo Stabilizer is a Servo motor controlled stabilization system that performs Optimum Voltage supply using a Buck\Boost Transformer Booster that captures voltage fluctuations from Input and Regulates Current to the Correct Output.

    Powertek make servo provide accurate voltage for your expensive equipment irrespective of the incoming line voltage. Powertek  servo’s incorporate sold control devices. Stepper motor operates the auto transformer with buck and boost  Transformer. Whenever output voltage changes the Electronic circuit produces an error signal which moves the auto Transformer drive motor and feeds the voltage to primary of buck boost, the secondary of buck-boost is in series with the load so that the secondary voltage gets added or subtracted to maintain the output voltage within 0.5% of the set voltage.


    Fully Solid state Control circuit for high Reliability.

    Synchronous motor Drive for high performance.

    Excellent Regulations of +/- 1%

    Zero Wave form Distortion

    Plug & Play Type control PCB's for easy maintenance.

    Auto - Manual Operation Facility.

    High Efficiency.

    Over - Under voltage protection

    Voltmeters to read Input / Output voltage

    Cyclic and Routine Tests conducted on every unit.


    Outdoor Type (IP 55)  Enclosure can be supplied.

    110V Output can also be supplied.

    Spike's and surge protection using suitable SPD's

    Special Input / Output range available on request.

    Under /Over Voltage cutoff protection through contactor's

    Overload / Short Circuit protection through MCB / MCCB's

    Single Phase / Phase Reversal Prevention.

    Manual By-Pass / Changeover Facility

    Product name Servo Voltage Stabilizer
    Series SVS - 1-2000
    Model No. SVS - 1 KVA to 2000 KVA
    Rating 1 KVA to 2000 KVA  (3Phase)
    Input voltage 340 - 480V AC , 300 - 460V AC , 240 - 480V AC , 190 - 480V AC , 160 - 480V AC
    Output voltage 400 V +/- 1%
    Output Adjustable 380 - 415V AC
    Connections  Star / Star
    Frequency 47 - 53 Hz
    Insulation  Class B
    Wave from Distortion None
    Effect of Load Power Factor Nil
    Type of Cooling Air / Oil Cooled
    Efficiency > than 95% 
    Regulation +/- 1.0% from No Load to full Load
    Ambient Temperature 0 degree to 55 degree C
    Environment Designed for Indoor continuous operation
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