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    Sine wave Inverters are devices that Transform power from a Battery into the same type of power we get from a typical wall outlet in our Homes or Offices. They Transform direct current (DC) from a Battery into an alternating current (AC). Sine wave Inverters provide extended power backup. This extended power backup helps reduce the utility Bill.

    Powertek Sine wave Inverter exclusively design to meet instant power requirement against the hazard of power failure in Houses, Commercial Complexes, Hospitals etc. Sine wave Inverter 1 Phase Input and 1 Phase output suitable for domestic load like Lighting, Fans, Air coolers etc. Powertek sine wave Inverter works on PWM technology. It has wide Input range of 120V to 280V to charge the battery and Home UPS mode is also selectable. 


    Pure Sine wave Output

    Noiseless working 

    Fully Automatic

    Pollution Free



    Pure Sine Wave Output

    Powertek Sinewave Inverter gives a Microcontroller,PWM Technology Based Pure Sinewave output with high reliability and Efficiency.


    User Configurable Parameter

    This features makes our system user friendly. Dealer can change the parameters according to their requirement. We are giving the following parameter which are configurable through jumpers given on board.

    1. Output voltage  2. Charging Voltage  3. Charging current  4. Input Voltage Range



    Product name SINEWAVE INVERTER
    Series SWI Series
    Model No. Z 3200
    Rating 3200 VA
    Operating DC voltage 48V
    No. of Batteries 04
    No of Phase 1 Phase - 3 Wire P, N, E
    Voltage Range 120V-280V, 165V - 270V, 180V-260V, 190V-250V
    Mains Low Recovery Range 10V
    Mains High Recovery Range 10V
    Frequency Range 47 - 53 Hz
    Battery Charging Stages 3
    Switching Power Device Mosfet
    Control PWM
    Output voltage 230V AC +/- 2%
    Phase 1 Phase - 3 wire P, N, E
    Output Waveform Pure Sine Wave
    Frequency 50 Hz 
    Changeover UPS to Mains 15ms
    Changeover Mains to UPS 10ms
    Rated Output Power Factor 0.8
    Switch ON-OFF
    LED Indication Mains ON , Charging ON, Inverter ON , Low Battery, Overload.Temperature High 
    Alarm Battery Low, Overload, Charger ON.
    Protection Overload, Short Circuit Protection, Over Voltage, Mains Surge , Over Temperature Protection Under Voltage and Over Voltage Protection
    Operating Temp 0 - 50°C
    Operating Humidity (RH Value) < 90
    Protection Class IP 20
    Low Cut Off 10.5V/Batt. +/- 2%
    Battery Low Buzzer 10.75V/ Batt. +/- 2%
    High Cut Off 14.5V/Batt. +/- 2%
    Low Cut off Recovery 12V/ Batt. +/- 2%
    High Cut off Recovery 12V/ Batt. +/- 2%
    Charging Current by Grid 5 Amp. to 15 Amp.