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    •  Pure Sine Wave Output
    •  User Configurable Parameter
    •  IGBT (PFC) Based Grid Charger
    •  Inverter Isolation Transformer
    •  Auto Bypass Facility


    A  New powerful way to keep your essential Equipments, Office and Home appliances running when the power goes out. Power outages are a reality that can threaten your productivity and sense of comfort. The Powertek solar UPS is perfect solution to give backup them.

    Powertek Solar UPS Integrated with both Solar Power and Grid Power charging Technology. PFC Based Grid charger and PWM/MPPT solar charge controller. In presence of solar (PV) and Grid both power it consume power from solar, when solar is not present then it consume Grid power at last when solar and Grid both are not present it consume battery power (SGB).     

     Available in: 3KVA to 10KVA.  

    Pure Sine Wave Output : Powertek Solar UPS is a DSP High Frequency PWM Technology Based “True Online” Double Conversion Solar UPS System with IGBTs at the Inverter Stage thus provides pure Sine wave output with high reliability and Efficiency. Making the Powertek online UPS totally fit for running heavy loads like ACs, Industrial Motors and Pumps at gas stations etc. Even highly sensitive medical equipments such as life support systems work flawlessly with this UPS.

    User Configurable Parameter : This features makes our system user friendly .Dealer can change the parameters according to their requirement. We are giving the following parameter which are configurable through switches given on .board

    1. Solar (PV) voltage  2. Solar Charging Current. 3. Overload  limit  4. System Voltage  5. Grid Charging Current

    IGBT (PFC) Based Grid Charger : Powertek Solar UPS turns out to be more like a savings account for the user. Being IGBT (PFC) based this ups has a power factor of a whopping 0.9 where as it is just 0.7 in a parallel SCR based UPS. Because of having a power factor which is relatively higher the Powertek Solar UPS helps to save up to 40% more power which in turn leads in large savings during its period of use.

    Inverter Isolation Transformer : Powertek Solar UPS has an inbuilt  inverter isolation transformer, this helps in attenuate arising out of poor input grounding and leakage in equipments. Totally fit for use in hospitals the isolation transformer in the Powertek  Solar UPS protects the sensitive equipments. Powertek Solar UPS suits Indian Power Conditions to its best making it installable anywhere from a hi-tech city to any village in India

    Bypass Facility : Powertek  Solar UPS is provided with the auto/manual  Bypass facility. This protects the UPS in overload condition by shifting the load on Mains or another  power source available when load increases from its rated value. This is done by using a relay/ SCR which acts as a switch. Relay/SCR connects the load to the Mains /another bypass source  when the load connected is greater than the rated value or at the of maintenance.

    Applications : Houses, Hospitals, Schools, Telecommunications, Mobile Phone Tower.

    Communication & Computer Interface

    POWERTEK Solar UPS provides RS485 communication port to see all parameters live on computer screen. Input voltage V1, V2, V3, output voltage V1, V2, V3, DC voltage, output current  A1, A2, A3, charging current & Output frequency 

    Product name Solar UPS
    Series SPSS Series
    Model No. SPSS - 03
    Rating 3 KVA
    Operating DC voltage 72V
    No. of Batteries
    Solar (PV) Voltage 125V To 200V
    No of Phase 1 Phase - 3 Wire P, N, E
    Voltage Range 160V - 280V AC
    Main low Recovery Range 10V
    Main High Recovery Range 5V
    Frequency Range 47 - 53 Hz
    Battery Charging Stages  3
    Switching Power Device IGBT MODULES
    Control PWM
    Output voltage 230V AC +/- 1%
    Phase 1 Phase - 3 wire P, N, E
    Output Waveform Pure Sine Wave
    Frequency 50 Hz (Free running)
    Changeover UPS to Mains 0ms
    Changeover Mains to UPS 0ms
    Rated Output Power Factor 0.8
    LCD Display Parameters I/P and O/P Voltage, Batt. /  PV Voltage, O/P / PV / Charging Current, O/P Freq., UPS ON/Off, Batt. Charging, Mains High and Low.
    LED Indication Mains ON , Battery ON, PV ON , Fault.
    Alarm Battery Low, Overload, Charger ON, Grid Fail.
    Protection Overload, Short Circuit , O/V, Mains Surge , Over Temp, U/V and O/V Protection
    Operating Temperature 0 - 50°C
    Operating Humidity (RH Value) < 95
    Protection Class IP 20
    Low Cut Off 10.5V/Batt. +/- 2%
    Battery Low Buzzer 10.75V/ Batt. +/- 2%
    Low Cut off Recovery 12V/ Batt. +/- 2%
    Charging Current by Grid As per Battery AH
    Charging Current by Solar 5 Amp. to 20 Amp.
     Solar UPS Dimension in mm W x D x H = 270 x 490 x 500 mm with Wheel
    Communication RS485 (Optional)